Why this blog?

I am immensely passionate about why people do what they do. I am also curious, and even a bit appalled, by the power of brands.

And just how will I make sense of my passion and curiosities? By contextualizing cultural insights.

Cultural geography helps me contextualize how cultures are expressed, individually and collectively, and how those expressions shape a sense of place. Some cultural geographers define themselves by the study of geography. I define myself – at least my work – through the lens of cultural studies using ethnography and semiotics. Cultural geography allows me to determine the cultural codes that in turn lead to cultural insights.

This blog is the place I share my cultural insights. Join me as I track  consumption patterns – old and new, branded and unbranded, minuet and grand, individual and collective. If you want to know more about me or the work I do, I’m an email away at  jean.grow@gmail.com.



All photography copyright: Jean Grow


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