Global Brand Tracking

I’m off to London and Prague May 19 to June 7 teaching my Global Brand Tracking class. The three product categories we’re tracking this year are: mobile, shoes and savory snacks. 

A OgilvyIt’s a three-week cultural immersion course that examines the intersection of branding and culture within the context of the global marketplace. I use ethnographic exercises to help guide students as they uncover cultural insights and, eventually, the ever-elusive cultural code for each sector in each country.

We’re visiting great agencies too: Flamingo International, Havas Worldwide and Stein IAS in the UK and in CZ we’re visiting Garp, Leo Burnett, McCann and Ogilvy.

Check out our blog and follow us on twitter at #mubrandtracking.

Welcome and vítejte!



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  1. Can’t wait to (virtually) take this trip with you! Sounds amazing. I’d still like to organize something similar some time for my students. Are there any resources you’d suggest for learning more about cultural codes? Have a terrific trip!

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