Leaning In

Yesterday, after class, I was thinking about how much of what I discussed, about the abysmally low numbers of women in advertising creative in the U.S. and Spain, was a surprise to my Italian students. I almost dread Thursday’s lecture where I will share my global research, with equally discouraging findings. My students will no longer be surprised. Perhaps, only disheartened. Then I took a breath and thought – I’ll also share the “Unspoken Rules” on how to succeed.

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 8.32.12 PMThis evening I settled into my most recent e-book, “Lean In,” by Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg. For two hour I could not move – my kindle glued to my hand. This book is an inspiration written with soul. Not even halfway through I decided I needed to gift it to the feisty Italian woman I am staying with – a talented videographer working in Reggio Emilia. The Malaguzzi Center is very fortunate to have Sara De Poi on staff. I was hoping to find it in Italian. But, so far the only translation is in German. Ah, but this will help improve Sara’s English, which is far better than my Italian!

Suddenly, words just flow off my fingers and I posted a review on Amazon. I rarely post reviews. But this book is smart, honest, inspiring and written with soul. Wisdom with feet to get you where you need to go because we need more women leaning in to lead. The world will be a better place with (more) women and men leading us into the future.

Buy this book. Practice your English. Rock your career.



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  1. Tom Altstiel


    Interesting posts. You are really exploring many of the facets of our business few have even cared to consider. For me, I’m sitting in a villa on St. John sipping on a rum and coke and contemplating nothing more profound than tomorrow’s scuba dive. Let’s set a date in April for Dan and Dave at Sobelmans. Ciao.


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