Digital DNA

I recently wrapped up my Global Brand Tracking class with a visit to Double You, an agency where creativity curses through their veins and digital is part of their DNA. The agency embraced the digital world, jumping in in 1997, when they opened their shop. Today, nearly 15 years later, they employ over 100 people and have agencies in Barcelona, Madrid and recently opened an office in Mexico City – immediately garnering the Coca Cola Mexico account.  Adéu, Barcelona! embodies the spirit of the Double You DNA.


Their philosophy on communication is multi-dimensional. As creative director, Jesús Revuelta said, “The old way was like bowling. The new way is like pinball.” This attitude and bold work has landed them accounts such as: Nike, vodaphone, Spanish tourism, L&G Electronics, Audi and many P&G brands. Jesús and Luis Ortiz, on the account side, walked us through four cases: Mahou, Audi, Estrella and Hot Mail.

Mahou and Estrella provided a great comparison between two Spanish beers and the cases were loaded with insights for the student team working on the beer cultural code. With Mahou Double You leveraged the brand’s ownership of the cinema space, which differentiates them from their competitors. Along they way they created huge buzz engaging consumers on the creation of a movie through social media. With Estrella the team won the hearts of Spanish consumers with a single beautifully languid TV spot that became the summer song. Consumers now await Estrella’s summer spot, which runs only once, and sings its way across Spanish beaches. The students were thrilled to learn the behind the scenes account after visiting the parent company, Damm, earlier in the week.

Introducing us to Audi the team demonstrated their ability to leverage social media with the Virtual Me campaign. It was witty, playing on emotions that can’t be reproduced without human experience – driving consumers to test drives and purchase. Along the way they introduced us to what is considered the best television ever produced in Spain. This BMW spot, by SCPF, never shows the car. Rather it uses the hand of the driver, feeling the wind against his skin as he drives across Spain. The student team working on the cultural code of cars walked away with lot of new insights.

The Hot Mail campaign was absolutely brilliant. It tracked one guy’s quest to win back the heart of his woman. Via Hot Mail and social media Spanish consumers watched and cheered him on, all the while learning about all the new features available on Hot Mail. Lucky brand. Luckier guy. He won her heart.

ImageWe ended our visit with a discussion of cosmetics when Tania Nolla joined us to talk about Spanish women. The cosmetics team benefited in spades, taking away insights that led them to a great Spanish cultural code.

Yet, the highlight of our visit was being there the moment Double You team found out they had won the Nestlé’s account. What a fabulous way to end my Global Brand Tracking class. Congratulations! We wish you well.



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