6.5 Seconds

That’s the time you have to make a connection with consumers, according to draftfcb’s executive creative director, Beto Nahmad. Those 6.5 seconds are more then every defined by the digitally driven society 2.0. Digital changes everything and with consumers having increasing control of the mediated world, brands need to become friends with consumers. To do this advertising must feel like anything but advertising. It must make connections by being cleaver and compact –relevant and real. Yet, for as much as digital shapes us, advertisers must think digital rather than be digital because end the day we are all human and long for personal connections.

Beto and account director, Laura de Luque, presented a dozen blockbuster cases to my Global Brand Tracking class in Barcelona, last week. They walked us through their work for Tunisia Air’s “Seven Days/70 People” initiative, which just landed draftfcb a gold at El Sol. Congratulations! Next he introduced work for Gui Repsol. Both brands live in the tourism category, and everything draftfcb did from them feels authentic and true to their spirit – and nothing like advertising.

Beto also showed us seven cases from the spirits category featuring Rom Barelo, Tia Maria, Sailor Jerry and Siboney 34 and Hendricks. These were particularly interesting as in Spain alcohol cannot be advertised on television. In fact, none there is no advertising allowed in mass media whatsoever. The campaigns they developed for these brands leverage social media and promotional events in highly imaginative ways that garnered new audiences and secured a passion among existing audiences use techniques that surprised and engaged them.

Smint mints, River Plate and Action Against Hunger rounded out the presentations. Action Against Hunger was the agency’s 2011 commitment to the community. Raising awareness about hunger the agency partnered with Reebok as they helped citizens in rich countries burn calories to feed citizens in poor countries. The campaign was so successful the agency plans to move into South and Central America.

The agency harnesses the power of collaboration to generate ideas that push beyond traditional boundaries and into the world of imagination – building blockbuster brands along the way.



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