Smart Thinking. Beautiful Work.

I recently visited Leagas Delaney while teaching in London. Smart thinking creates beautiful work is at the heart of their work.

We learned about luxury branding from Britain’s top independent advertising agency. Taking a deep dive into two cases, Patek Philippe and Glenfiddich, our presenters pealed back the layers from problem, to insight, to ideas, to results. And what amazing results there were.

A fifteen-year relationship with Patek Philippe speaks volumes about the power of agency/client relationships. Across time the Patek Philippe brand has stood for enduring values and campaign after campaign expresses these values with beautiful work.

Glenfiddich, a brand with a long history rooting in a pioneering spirit reflects the power of ideas. Leagas Delaney’s work reinvented the codes of the whiskey category, while sustaining the equity for the brand with smart thinking.

Smart and beautiful.



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