Screw It.

Harley-Davidson is an iconic American brand. The free wheeling American Harley rebel was recognized across the globe, with its bold take no prisoners brand persona. Yes, Harley had an aging problem. Yes, Harley had a gender problem. But, it had one hell of an image and a solid platform from which to tackle its aging baby boomer boy problem.

Like the Marlboro Man, Harley was iconic. It screamed freedom, which screams American. It leveraged every sensory experience to create a great brand experience and its advertising sang it praises. You didn’t have to ride a Harley to love the brand. It was as American as, well, apple pie.

A year after breaking up with Carmichael Lynch and having a wild fling with crowd sourcing, the brand is still playing the field. It feels wrong. For as in your face and raw as the old brand was, I trusted it. It was real. It was American.           It was mine – even if I don’t own a bike.

No Cages. is preaching to the choir. And the choir is getting old. It’s not what the brand needs. It doesn’t embody the American spirit. It doesn’t ignite passion. The Harley I once knew was the embodiment of raw American passion.                 No Cages. is not Harley. Screw It, Let’s Ride – again.

Harley in JSonline Check out what Rick Barrett, a Harley blogger, and I have to say.


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